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My Zoloft Withdrawal

I completed the process of weaning myself off of Zoloft. You can read my previous blog post about this HERE. Since I completely stopped taking Zoloft I have had some slight withdrawal symptoms; including some physical sensations like increased headaches and long lasting nausea. I have also experienced a slight increase in my anxiety, feeling a little more stressed and a lack of patience. I completely stopped taking… Continue reading My Zoloft Withdrawal

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Weaning Myself Off Of Zoloft For My Anxiety Disorder

I decided to stop taking Zoloft for my anxiety. There are several reasons why but the main one is that I want to get pregnant again. The other reasons are that I am doing really well with my anxiety so I want to see how I manage without my happy pills. And I want to see if it… Continue reading Weaning Myself Off Of Zoloft For My Anxiety Disorder