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Magnesium Are My New Happy Pills

It has been awhile since my last blog post. My Etsy shop has been keeping me busy but I want to make sure I keep this blog alive! It is important to me because it has been helping me manage my anxiety and I have loved connecting with other people who struggle with their mental health too. I have a… Continue reading Magnesium Are My New Happy Pills

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

My Trump Anxiety

I have been reading way too much news. I know you can’t believe everything out there. I know a lot of it is fake or at least sensationalized BUT I can’t stop reading it and feeling anxious. Before I didn’t worry so much about politics and now I’m obsessed about all the changes that are… Continue reading My Trump Anxiety

Anti-Anxiety Drugs · Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Weaning Myself Off Of Zoloft For My Anxiety Disorder

I decided to stop taking Zoloft for my anxiety. There are several reasons why but the main one is that I want to get pregnant again. The other reasons are that I am doing really well with my anxiety so I want to see how I manage without my happy pills. And I want to see if it… Continue reading Weaning Myself Off Of Zoloft For My Anxiety Disorder

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Talking About My Anxiety

My therapist has been encouraging me to open up about my anxiety. Something that is very anxiety producing for me is my fear of having a panic attack in front of people. If I could open up to people about my anxiety then maybe I wouldn’t be as worried about this situation. I have a hard… Continue reading Talking About My Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Waking up Anxious and Afraid

I hate the feeling of waking up anxious. The pit in my stomach as my eyes open. Especially on the days when I don’t even know why I am feeling this way. It makes me feel like the day is going to be impossible to get through. The thought of getting up and doing everything I have to… Continue reading Waking up Anxious and Afraid

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The number one reasons why we are anxious

The fear of losing control If you have an anxiety disorder like me you have probably read this somewhere before.  If you really focus on what you are feeling when you are anxious you could probably peal back many layers or a few layers to get to the real reason you are anxious- the fear of losing… Continue reading The number one reasons why we are anxious