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Magnesium Are My New Happy Pills

It has been awhile since my last blog post. My Etsy shop has been keeping me busy but I want to make sure I keep this blog alive! It is important to me because it has been helping me manage my anxiety and I have loved connecting with other people who struggle with their mental health too. I have a lot of new updates to share and I plan to write about all of them soon.


Recently, I have been doing well with my anxiety and I think I owe it to magnesium. People have told me that I should take magnesium for my anxiety and I never took it seriously. I could never trust that vitamins and herbs cure things. I do remember taking something herbal from a homeopathic store when I first starting having panic attacks and I thought it didn’t do anything.

Since I stopped taking Lexapro in December I noticed an increase in my anxiety so I started looking into other options to manage my anxiety. (side note – I got off Lexapro because I am thinking about getting pregnant again and I would like to not take anything while pregnant). I still see my therapist and that helps me a lot but I had been thinking about taking some vitamins and herbs. My anxiety prevents me from trying a lot of new things because I am always afraid they will make me sick or more anxious. It is hard to get an anxious person to take new medication. We always fear something bad will happen

Then one day I was talking to my friend about my headaches. I get them a lot; including migraines. She was telling me I should try magnesium since I have tried everything else. She said when she was pregnant her doctor told her take magnesium for headaches. I decided if magnesium is safe to take while pregnant and it is good for anxiety and headaches then I should suck it up and try it.


My mom has a friend who strongly believes in vitamins to cure all ailments so I had  my mom ask her what magnesium I should take. She recommended KAL brand Magnesium Glycinate and I started taking it (link to buy it on Amazon HERE). I love it! I have noticed my anxiety has been a lot better since I started taking it.  I now have the lovely ability to wake up and not feel anxious like I normally did. Magnesium has really made a difference in my life.


I also started taking Naturally Calm powder drink mix (link to buy it on Amazon HERE) because of its amazing reviews on amazon. I started drinking that at night as well. I met with a homeopathic nurse after my new found belief in vitamins.  She told me that this drink isn’t any better than taking magnesium in pill form. She said they are just charging you more! But I still like it. I like the taste after I mix it with water and OJ.

The homeopathic nurse told me to take 800mg of magnesium a day. The drink has 326mg and then I take three 200mg magnesium pills a day. Two pills in the morning and one at night with the drink.  One side effect of taking magnesium is diarrhea. To avoid this buy magnesium pills that say magnesium”glycinate” or “chelated”. I don’t remember the specifics as to why this helps but the nurse said it does.

Magnesium hasn’t been a able to cure my anxiety but it is definitely helping me to manage it. Not that I ever expect to find a cure but I always hang on to a little hope :). I have been finding myself driving around and doing more. Anxiety isn’t weighing me down as much. I have even had a few moments while driving where I stop and think, wait! I am supposed to be anxious right now, what is happening? But I also have had moments of feeling anxious and thinking, no!!! the magnesium was supposed to stop this!!! I thought I was doing better than this! It’s a never ending struggle but things have been easier since I started swallowing those magnesium pills and I can’t imagine a time when I won’t take them anymore.


One of the things I dread most about my anxiety is waking up anxious. It is such a hard way to start your day. It makes you dread getting out of bed and if feels like the days is going to be so long and impossible to get through. Since I started taking magnesium a few months ago, I haven’t had this feeling except maybe a few times. Before taking magnesium it was a regular occurrence. I think it’s because of the magnesium pill and the drink that I take right before I go to bed.  It has made a big difference in my life to not wake up like this.


I do want to note that I don’t have any real stressors in my life right now. Things have been going well. But things are the same as they were when I was a lot more anxious right after I stopped taking Lexapro. Who knows for sure if it’s the magnesium but I am too scared to stop it and see what happens. I believe different things work for different people when it comes to managing their anxiety but if you suffer with an anxiety disorder I would highly recommend giving magnesium a try.













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