Generalized Anxiety Disorder

My Trump Anxiety

I have been reading way too much news. I know you can’t believe everything out there. I know a lot of it is fake or at least sensationalized BUT I can’t stop reading it and feeling anxious. Before I didn’t worry so much about politics and now I’m obsessed about all the changes that are happening in our government.

Maybe I was too young to notice all the changes made by newly elected presidents in the past. Except for Obama, but I am a liberal so I obviously enjoyed all the changes he was making. However, I have a feeling that the anxiety I am feeling is not your normal reaction to a new leader you don’t agree with.

It feels like the world I live in is changing in a way I don’t like and I have no control over it. Before this last election I thought this country was moving in the right direction. I thought that path we were on was leading to a place where everyone is more tolerant, loving and accepting.  And now I worry that everything is moving in the wrong direction and even worse I fear that the progress that we have already made could be taken away.

I am anxious because I feel there is an attack on my body as a woman. Before I was never too worried about my rights when it came to my body.  I read an article (here) about Arkansas passing a law that allows a rapist to sue his victim if she wants to have an abortion. This is the new world I live in? That a man can rape a woman and then sue her? This makes me so angry and it makes me so anxious. I feel that women are being attacked.

I hate that it is mostly men making the laws in this country. I don’t think this is fair when it comes to a woman’s body. I don’t think it is fair when it comes to any decision made by our government. We need more balance and we need more representation of all the different people who make up this country. It makes me anxious when only one type of person in this country is represented well in government.

To my feminist and liberal heart it feels like our country got smacked in the face and now we are spinning in the wrong direction. How did a man become president who talks about grabbing women by the pussy and doing whatever he wants to them?  He has shown time and time again that he objectifies women and judges them based on their looks.

Why did over half of this country want a man like that as their president? I thought as Americans we would have higher standards than this. How can we vote for someone, that is not a decent human being, to hold the most prestigious office in this country?

What about our daughters? What are we teaching them? That it is okay for a man to talk like this and behave like this? All he does is break the rules on being a decent,  good & honorable person and he just keeps getting away with it. I am so happy that my daughter is too young to understand what is going on but I am so scared that this kind of behavior isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Especially if the leader of our county is getting away with it.

I want this country to be about love and not hate. I feel that everything right now is about hate. It is about ignorance and fear. It is about believing that we are better than everyone else and turning our backs on those in need. I want to live in a country that believes the worlds problems are our problems. We are all in this together and we need to help each other. I thought as Americans we were more tolerant than this.

We have a leader representing our country that I fear only cares about showing his masculinity and superiority. How is he going to represent us to other countries? Will he be fair when negotiating? I an anxious that he will just want to show every county that he is the alpha male and he will only want to do what is in his best interest.

My dad (yes, I am a middle age adult that is still told what to do by her father) tells me to stop reading the news but then I have guilt that I don’t know or care enough about everything going on in the world. Where do you drawl the line between avoiding the news for your own mental health and being ignorant to the world around you? I want to do something instead of ignore everything that is going on. When do I put my own mental health first and stop focusing on the news if it makes me too anxious?

I feel like I need to be doing more. I am stressed out that I am not doing enough and  I don’t even know where to start. I hate that I can’t stop looking at the news and feeling anxious. I hope I am wrong about who our president is. I hope this is just some initial shock with the transfer of power from a liberal to a conservative president. I hope things start moving in a better direction soon.

This is not meant to be a political post. I am not writing to bash Trump and get my anger out about him being elected. I just want to share my experiences with anxiety like I always do and I have experienced a lot of anxiety since Trump became president.




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