Anxiety Calming Kits

Anxiety Calming Kits- My New Etsy Shop

I am excited to announce I recently opened an etsy shop called Anxiety Calming Kits

Due to my struggle with anxiety I always like to prepare myself as much as possible for my next panic attack. I don’t leave home without my Xanax in my purse and  I keep a list of things to tell myself when I am feeling anxious.  I also have relaxation and breathing exercises downloaded on my iPhone and I try to have things with me that are good for distraction.

This is how I came up with the idea for my anxiety calming kits. These kits are designed to help distract and calm people when they are dealing with heightened anxiety.

The kits include things that will help distract you when you are feeling anxious like stress relief squeeze toys or adult coloring books. They also have items that are meant to help calm your anxious mind like sensory glitter tubs, meditation beads and worry stones.

They are great for people with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Depression, PTSD and Autism. They are also helpful for people with high levels of stress or people who are going through a difficult time like the loss of a loved one.

I know how hard it is to struggle with anxiety and I love being able to help other people that are suffering. The idea for this blog was all about sharing my struggles to help others and to try and lessen the stigmatism associated with mental health disorders. These kits are another way for me to try and help other people and let them know they are not alone in their struggle. I am hopeful that these kits will help people and make their lives a little easier.

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Some items included in my kits are:

Anxiety Ring- Acupressure Chinese medicine ring- Roll it up and down your finger to massages acupuncture points on the finger. One size fits all. A good distraction- focus on the unique feeling this pressure ring creates while rolling it up and down your finger.

Meditation Beads- Wear as a necklace or bracelet. You can rub the beads in your hand and wrap them around your wrist. Say the word “calm” as you touch each bead going around the whole necklace. Please see the meditation card in your kit for more instructions.

Lavender Aromatherapy Inhaler Stick- Unscrew the cover and smell the lavender essential oil.  There is a cotton wick inside saturated in lavender essential oil and the oil will not come out. Lavender is known to have a calming and relaxing effect that can help reduce anxiety.

Calming Glitter Tube- Just shake the tub and watch the glitter swirl around and gently fall to the bottom. Tube is made of plastic and the top is glued shut so you don’t need to worry about it breaking. Shake it hard at first to loosen up the glitter at the bottom. Concentrate on the glitter moving around and shut out everything else going on in your head.

Worry Stone- handmade from clay. You can rub this stone with a dandelion stamp in the middle to help you feel calm and relieve you of your worries.

Marble Fidget Toy- Move the marble around in the plastic mesh that expands and tightens. Good for distraction and dealing with stress and anxiety.

Anxiety Fidget Cube- There is something to roll, spin, click, glide, flip and rub. Rub one side like a worry stone. Roll the gears and ball (the gears are stiff and more challenging on purpose). Spin the circular fidget.  Glide the round dial like a joy stick, push it in and spin it around. Click the 5 clicker buttons, not all of the buttons make a noise. Flip the switch back and forth.

Magnetic Needle Massage Balls- Pair of massaging balls that contain blunt needles which are used to stimulate acupressure points and reflex points on the hands. The feeling of the blunt needles on your skin as you roll the balls around your hands can be very stimulating and distracting. (Slight imperfections in color due to the blunt needles rubbing against metal)

Hexagonal Hand Massagers made of Natural Resin- Stress relief massager that relaxes muscles and provides mental relaxation. (Slight imperfections due to the material being a natural resin)

Key Chain Fidget Toy- Made from key rings and bike chain parts. Pair of interlocking rings that are a soothing fidget toy to use when stressed or anxious. Great for school or work. Push the rings in and out of each other.

Therapy Putty- Silicone-based putty is an ideal sensory toy. It will maintain the resistance consistency for one year. Unscented and non-toxic. 4 resistance options available: yellow- extra soft, red- soft, green- medium and blue – firm.

Tangle Twisty Toy- Twistable therapy device for stress relief. Twist it around in all different shapes and sizes. Great sensory fidget toy.

I am working on new kits to post soon!




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