Things To Do When Feeling Anxious

12 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Feeling Anxious

When I decided to write this blog post I went looking for the lists I have made for myself over the years. There was the list in the notes of my iPhone. The list on a piece of paper in my purse. Another list in a special notebook I take with me when I fly (because flying is a guaranteed panic attack for me).  I also found one in a journal I had made during a time I was really struggling with my anxiety.

I decided to compile a master list to share. I hope you find this helpful. These are all things I say to myself when I am feeling anxious. I wouldn’t always look at my list when I was panicking but it made me feel better knowing I had the list on me. I do a lot of things to try to prepare myself for a panic attack and this list is one of them.


12 Things to tell yourself when you are feeling anxious

  • This is a comfort issue not a serious health issue
  • This is very uncomfortable but you will be okay
  • It is just anxiety running through your body and it will not hurt you
  • This is an imagined threat, it’s not real
  • Tell yourself you will be fine
  • This is like a fire alarm going off for burnt toast
  • It always gets better. It always stops. You will always feel okay again.
  • Your body is reacting to the adrenaline in your body and your mind is creating imagined threats but there is no real threat to you
  • It’s uncomfortable and it’s scary but it’s manageable
  • You are the only one who can stop your panic attack- you don’t need anyone here to save you
  • Think of how happy you will be when this is over
  • Get mad at your anxiety- don’t let it hurt the quality of your life


Anxiety Blog- 12 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Feeling Anxious


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