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Why make this anxiety blog???

I started this blog to help other people suffering from anxiety and to help myself. The idea to start this blog started in a therapy session as I was suffering from postpartum depression (really anxiety). My wonderful therapist brought to my attention that being more open about my anxiety might lead to a reduced suffering of it.

I am also tired of the stigmatism associated with mental illness. I would like to be more open about my battles with anxiety in hopes that more people can be open about their struggles with anxiety. It would also be nice if this blog helps people lucky enough to not have any anxiety become more open minded to those of us that are suffering.

I have suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder for 18 years. It started when I was a senior in high school and to save you from doing the math I am now 35. I feel that I am somewhat of an expert on the subject. I would like to share my knowledge to help other people. I wish things like blogs on anxiety were available to me when I started suffering from anxiety.
If you suffer from anxiety I hope this blog helps you. If it doesn’t, I hope you find the things that do help you. We all deserve to find peace for our lovely anxious minds.

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