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My Lovely Anxious Mind- First Blog Post

My name is Sara and I have been struggling with anxiety for 18  years. It started when I was 17 and I have been in and out of therapy and on and off medications since then. I was diagnosed with having generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I experience periods of doing really well with my anxiety. Then I have had periods of being hit by a setback that brings me back to rock bottom and I have to crawl my way out again. It does get easier, each time I crawl back out.

I have tried lots of things to help my anxiety. Besides being in therapy and taking medications I have read a lot of books, listened to audio tapes, practiced mediation and yoga, took herbal supplements and lots of other things that I hoped would help my anxiety. I do not believe there is a cure for my anxiety but I know there are things that can help alleviate it.

My goal for this blog is to share my story, my never ending journey and give people any advise that I can give. I don’t have a degree in psychology but I do consider myself an “expert” on anxiety because I have lived with it for so long. It has been a big part of who I am and the choices that I have made in life. I have accepted that I will never be able to free myself from my anxiety disorder but I can learn to live with it. I know that its intensity will change over time and that I have the strength to handle any setbacks that come my way.

I hope this blog helps you in some way.

You are not alone in your struggle with anxiety.

Love, Sara




4 thoughts on “My Lovely Anxious Mind- First Blog Post

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring introduction, Sara! I’m so glad that I found your blog, as I too suffer with anxiety. (General and social) I look forward to reading these posts. 🙂


      1. Thanks so much! 🙂

        I’ve found the blogosphere to be incredibly supportive, and many moms with postpartum bipolar like me suffer with anxiety as well. It’s great to know I could point them in your blog’s direction & your super-cool-looking Etsy store!


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