Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Bury me in my wedding dress with a bottle of xanax

I love Xanax. It’s the greatest thing ever created.

If someone wants to become a billionaire they need to invent a non addictive Xanax that doesn’t make you drowsy.

Xanax calms you down and chills you out and makes you feel like everything will be okay. It’s like a warm hug from your favorite person. A snuggle with the cutest puppy or kitten you could imagine. Hell a whole litter of those cute little fur balls.

It’s not fair you can’t take it every day. A big tease from the pharmaceutical companies. I know they could figure out a way to bottle this feeling without the whole risk of becoming a pill popping drug addict. No offense to any of you reading this. It has always scared the hell out of me that one pill too many and I’ll find myself in rehab. I have never been close to abusing it but damn it feels so good.

Right now I only take it for flying and the occasional panic attack. I probably only need 10 pills a year but it feels so good to know they are there. I have carried Xanax with me at all times since high school. My little pill bottle has been in my purse longer than anything else. I carry it with me like an epi-pin. I wouldn’t dare leave home without it. Doing so would probably cause me to have a panic attack. I just love knowing that it is there to save me if I need it.

My shrink recently asked me to challenge myself by going places with out my Xanax in my purse. Sorry lady, I always take your challenges seriously and do what you say but this is non-negotiable. I can look myself in the mirror and be happy with the person who needs to know that little white pill is always in reach.






7 thoughts on “Bury me in my wedding dress with a bottle of xanax

  1. I completely relate to this! Sadly I did become addicted, but I was able to taper off it. I have some other alternatives I carry with me at all times: emergency Seroquel and Rescue Remedy plus.


      1. Hi there! I have only used a very small amount of Seroquel once in over 2 years, but it comforts me to simply have it in my purse, you know? It’s not usually used for anxiety, but my psychiatrist said it could be in an emergency. Xanax would most likely be the better choice for anxiety. Re: Rescue Remedy – it’s not as powerful as Xanax, but it’s ideal for people who no longer can take benzos but want something to take the edge off anxiety. The Rescue Plus liquid center w/ B vitamins lozenges works best for me out of all their options but it’s not as easy to find at health food stores. You can order it online, though.


      2. Hurrah! I’m so glad you ordered some! I really hope you like it; it’s subtle, but it helps me!

        I don’t think it’s the placebo effect either, and it’s nice to be getting some B5 & B12 vitamins when I take it, at the very least, LOL! 🙂 p.s. thanks for the follow!


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